Three sisters. Three mates.

Reluctant. Lethal. Fated.






Temptations can be dangerous. But this one is downright deadly.

My sisters and I were experiments. An attempt of our beloved power-hungry mother to create offspring of both demonic and witch DNA to solidify her throne.

But I never wanted to be a part of that world.

Instead, going against everything I was supposed to represent, I use my rare material empathy skills to help people in need. 

I was doing just great—until a stranger who most definitely does not belong in the mortal realm walks into my antique shop and shatters the safe haven I’d built.

Because not only is Cian a member of a demon-hunting race.

The damn Fae is as sexy as he is lethal.

Fans of Karen Marie Moning and Jeaniene Frost will love this standalone enemies to lovers paranormal romance filled with kickass characters, page-turning action, and a whole lot of steam!

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Nightwraith. Necromancer. Bar owner. Target.

Being a necromancer, I’ve always walked a thin line between light and darkness. But dancing on the precipice is quite different than plunging into the void headfirst.

When I start receiving death threats with no solution in sight, I realize the void just might be my only choice.

To save my life, I have to strike a deal with a dangerous gang leader who, even worse, also happens to be a powerful demon lord. Alin wants to use my zombie bar as a front for his shady dealings. In return, I’ll get the protection and training I so desperately need to get my butt out of this mess.

And I absolutely hate the idea.

Losing my autonomy over my business is bad enough. But what I fear more than anything is the very real possibility of losing my heart to a godsdamned career criminal who seems to care for me just a little too much.

BLACKSTORM is a steamy, suspenseful standalone paranormal romance perfect for fans of Diana Rowland and Kelley Armstrong!

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For a Bounty Hunting Queen, threats are kind of the norm. 

Those on my life, I can deal with. But the ones gunning for my heart, especially when they come packed in a mouthwatering form of a dragon shifter… 

Not so much.

Amped up on adrenaline after a hunt, my go-to reward is to lose myself in a stranger’s arms. A one time deal, and then we never see each other again. Perfect.

But when the same damn stranger I’d tangled with last discovers me standing over a murdered mark, walking away becomes impossible.

Detective Caz Zeman could be the answer to solving my stubborn case. Sounds great, right?


With out compatible energies and magnetic attraction, spending more time together is the last thing I should indulge in. 

Because when the demonic yearning for a mate wakes, distance is the only viable solution to keep the bond at bay. 

And it’s the one luxury I don’t have.

A steamy, reluctant mates paranormal romance novel fans of Thea Harrison, Ilona Andrews, and Gena Showalter are sure to enjoy!

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Three sisters. Three mates.

Reluctant. Lethal. Fated.

With their mixed demonic and witch heritage, Liva, Lena, and Lana are no strangers to the dark, dangerous aspects of life. But be it dealing with magical objects, practicing necromancy, or bounty hunting, the three Nightwraiths had never faced peril quite like this.

Because the ancient pull between mates doesn't care whether the individuals are friends or foes.

And reason can hardly hope to overpower the heart.

Boxed set includes: Windstorm, Blackstorm, Nightstorm

Demons, dragons, and Fae clash in these three steamy paranormal romances you won't want to put down. One-click today to start reading!

Gaja J. Kos

Gaja J. Kos is a USA Today bestselling author with a mission to breathe fragments of Slavic lore onto many, many pages of fiction.

Aside from devouring all kinds of books and dreaming of once seeing her name printed on the spines, she grew up watching Xena, Charmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. No one is really too surprised about the direction her adult life ended up taking.

She enjoys steamy books and steamier music, has an endless love for starry nights, and is a shameless summer babe with a soul-deep palm obsession.

Gaja currently resides in Celje, Slovenia, with her husband, two Chinese Crested dogs, and a whole lot of crystals and plants.